Bought a dedicated server from Hetzner

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This was a long-pending task. I wanted to explore Hetzner and purchase a dedicated server from them to move some of my server activities from another service provider to Hetzner. I keep hearing from a lot of people that Hetzner is very good for servers and we also get servers very cheap. I was so curious and wanted to explore. I have to say that it was indeed cheap or at least cheaper than what I was paying to other service providers. I'm not completely moving all my servers but some of the servers that are individual instances now go inside the dedicated server.

This is a huge maintenance activity for me. I provide apps and services to many people. I run many bots and people pay me for those bots. I wanted to be sure I have enough server specs to withstand the needs of those bots that I run. I'm glad I was able to clear this action item from my list which was long-term due. Even though I pay more than I need, I feel very happy that I have a powerful machine with me right now that I can use for hosting bots and running services.


Hetzner really offers servers for a cheap price I guess. These specs would have been very costly if I had to go for other service providers. I'm now wondering how costly it is with other service providers. Years back when I was hosting some WordPress websites, I was planning to rent a dedicated server. It was very costly and I was not confident that I would be able to make that much by selling WordPress sites. But today I'm glad that the price has dropped and it is also affordable for everyone. I don't think anyone else in the market gives dedicated servers for this cheap. The cost comes to around 43$ per month I believe. But when I actually made the payment I had to pay only 35$. I did not understand why it was the case but good for me.

Hetzner asked me to do KYC. I had to upload my government proof and get myself verified. I'm okay with this because I don't want to keep my identity hidden. If I really want to do it that way, I would go for some service providers like Privex where I can also easily pay with Crypto. This particular server that I have rented is going to be more experimental and I'm okay with sharing my identity with them. I noticed that one other attractive option on this site is the fact that they are more like Postpaid. We can pay for the services after a month or so. I ordered the server and I immediately got it provisioned. They did not ask me to pay for it instantly. When I asked a friend he mentioned that a separate invoice will be prepared and sent to me for payment. This option also looks cool. Most of the other service providers would ask us to pay upfront.

Another interesting thing about Hetzner is that they also have Server auctions. If we are lucky, we will be able to grab some servers for a cheap rate, sometimes it can even be an unbelievable rate.

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Thanks for your review!

!discovery 23

Thank you. Cheers!

Congrats Bala,
How costly is Privex is if compared with Hetzner?

It depends on what you are getting. Privex is pricy a bit but for some servers Privex is best. Some servers are also twice as costly. But Privex offers option to pay with crypto and especially Hive and HBD.

Good luck with your new server.I want to know about your bots If you don't mind.! LUV

I run multiple bots. Each one for a different use case. You can try my Kanibot if you want. It is a notification service for discord users.

Enjoy your new server man...I hope it gets you the full job done as needed 😍😍

Yeah hopefully. Thanks. Cheers!

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