Automation is not a new concept, it was always there

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Today when I thinking about automation, a simple analogy came to my mind. I thought I will comprehend that thought in the form of an article. Automation is one of the hottest topics in today's world. In every field we go to, there is always automation. People always look forward to simplifying the way they do things and that innovates to a scope of automation.



Today when I was taking bath, I got this thought to strike my mind. There are so many things in our day-to-day life that are the best outcome of automation. Today we all enjoy the water that comes through the pipelines to our Bathrooms. This can be seen as a great example of automation. I'm going to take this as an example and discuss in this article and how we have evolved with the help of automation.

1. River beds were the first source of water

I used to talk to my grandparents about how we have evolved from their times to our times. Today technology is in everything. But over the course of 90 years which is a lifetime for my grandparents, they would have seen so many things develop. My grandmother used to say stories where they will have to walk several kilometers to get water from the river beds. In villages, it usually is nearby and people go there for taking bath. For cooking and another purpose, the water is brought into a vessel.

This was one of the regular activities done by people who live in the Village. There are still places where people walk a long distance to bring water to their house. They are the real people who know how precious water is and they know how to spend it wisely.



2. The common well was the next source of water

Someone came up with an innovation to create a facility to get water from underground. The villagers will not have to walk long kilometers anymore to fetch water. Instead, they can just get it from a common well that was dug for the whole village. This is one step towards automating things. Another interesting thing is that when people gather to get water from the wells, interesting discussions also happen and they also get to know many new people. So, it also creates a social bonding.

3. Well in every house

After the common well concept, someone came up with another innovation where they have their own wells in each house. We can easily see this in the Indus valley civilization which is the oldest civilization in the world. It was found that not all people had wells in their house but mostly the rich ones had a well in their house. This reduced the needs even further where people will not have to walk anywhere to gather water or even the social gathering for water collection can be avoided.



The main automation started only after wells became popular in each house. With the help of electricity, we were able to take the water to the top of the roof and store it in a tank so that it can be used whenever required. We just have to turn the taps on and off. This was one of the brilliant modern innovations to automate water collection and usage.

4. Modern borewells

Modern borewells were also designed for a similar purpose. One good thing about borewells is that they reduced the space requirement for a well. With just small hole water can be easily brought from the ground to the surface. This is another type of automation that helped in innovating the way we get water for our daily needs.

Considering the above example, automations were always there. The fact is that some of the automations were not clearly visible to us as it happened gradually in the course of years and also it did give us the opportunity to gradually adapt to the change. I guess in the modern world only the automation that creates drastic changes are the ones that are difficult to adapt to.

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Technology is an important part of our life. Like science, technology brought more automation and it reduced human efforts significantly. Now we cant think of life without technology.

Yes true. Technology has become an integral part of our life. It is hard for us to get back to our old methods.

Technology really does change things and I don't think I could get use to dragging water out of a well.

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Yes indeed it keeps changing and we have to keep adapting. :)

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