Added a facility to change nodes on Hive Engine Explorer

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Hive Engine Explorer is a web application created by @reazuliqbal and can be accessed through When it comes to checking the history or details in the HE Block, this site is quite handy. We will be able to view an individual block or a transaction inside the block. I have been using the Hive Engine testnet in one of my projects recently. I found it hard to work with the testnet without having a proper user interface to verify things.

That's when I spent some time making this change to the repo and have been using it in my local host. I thought it will be good to make the changes and push it to the repo as it will be helpful for other developers working on the testnet. When I checked with @reazuliqbal, he mentioned that the code is open and we can feel free to contribute. Let's get to the details of what I have done.


Pain point

We currently don't have a facility to change the nodes or the history API URL. The URLs are currently hardcoded in the code which is pointing to the default URLs.


I have created a settings page from where the users can set their URLs. The site has been using two URLs - one for the HE RPC node and another is for the Hive Engine History API. I have created a settings page in the top right corner of the site where the users can enter their desired values and use the site for their needs.


When the site is loaded for the first time, it automatically takes the default values and if someone would like to change the default values, they can go to settings and make this change. So, there will not be any changes to the current user experience.

Note: If the user is setting an URL that is not a valid one, the site will not load. They have to then change it by going to local storage in the browser.

I wanted to include History API as well because the current URL that you see in the above image has lots of issues and it is missing many transactions. I myself had this problem several times and have reported issues in Hive Engine discord. @primerson made some improvements to the History API code. Though the code is still not merged with the main branch, @rishi556 is already running a node that has a better History from Hive Engine.

I also realized that there are also other improvements that can be done to this site but I couldn't spend more time on this right now so saving it up for later.


I have created the above pull request and hopefully @reazuliqbal reviews it soon and merges it with the master and we will have the updated site up and running soon.

It will also be great if we can have a similar facility on the Tribaldex site as well where we can change the nodes so that creating NFTs and other things on the testnet will become a little handy. I Hope Reaz bro finds some time for that soon.

I think @aggroed should also help in prioritizing this as having a testnet and using a site like Tribaldex for the testnet can be easy to work with and especially when people want to build something amazing on Hive Engine.

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