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RE: AI Is Changing How We See The World.

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I think many people are scared for their creativity and place in a work environment due to a lack of knowledge because they are not quite sure what 'A.I. Generation' means and what it can do. Like any tool it is how a person uses it that will make the difference. Thank you for sharing! This was an interesting read and thank you for providing links and examples.


People that worry the most seem to be less informed of AI capabilities and even a surface-level knowledge of how AIs work or are even trained. Sure, we are going to replace some jobs with AI but on the other hand, so many new jobs will surface for people that want to leverage this new technology and learn how it works.

Apart from doomsday scenarios where AI takes over in a terminator fashion, I would say that there is nothing to worry about, unless you ignore this tech that is. Then you need to worry. Because when this comes full power and you don't know anything about it, it is going to be to your detriment. But I don't see this becoming a huge issue for at least 10 years. So everyone has time to adapt I would assume.