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Hello all users,

I am trying to improve my bot as well as this devlog every time I post it. From now I will post a dev log update every time I will publish the release to GitHub. I am trying to keep one change per branch policy.

Current latest release: 0.9.0

What's new

There are 3 small but quite large changes.

Terracora automation]

As it is allowed to do so, I have added the ability to claim the SCRAP in Terracore. There are two new actions to get the balance and to request a claim in the game.
As I have mentioned before this kind of functionality will be added only when Game Dev allows to use of a bot for automation. I am going to remove it the first time I will be asked by developers

Time-based triggers

I have to add the ability to schedule when given actions ( it is the configuration node with username, key and task to perform) are going to be executed. That way the Universal Bot can behave like a real automation machine when you start it once on the server and it just works. Of course, if there is a demand I can add the ability to just run and execute all actions but I am not sure if anyone is interested in this.

Code quality improvements

As a result of adding a new external dll for Terracore, I needed to move some code to allow it to be shared between HiveEngine and Terracore. As a result, the overall code quality has increased.

Code statistics

I have around 53% of code coverage by 47 unit tests. The big holes are caused by the code guard not executing some logic when entry conditions are not meant.

Usesful links

GitHub Page


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