Universal Hive Bot - DevLog - #4

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Hello all users,

I am trying to improve my bot as well as this devlog every time I post it. From now I will post a dev log update every time I will publish the release to GitHub. I am trying to keep one change per branch policy.

Current latest release: 0.8.1

What's new

Release is tested now

I have noticed that the compiled and released binaries do not work. I have also found the issue and released a new version for them now. From today I will am going to run the Windows build before publishing the dev log as I am trying to push a devlog with every version I publish.

New logging

I have changed logging a little bit, for now, it includes the "too low balance" message as well. I think it is giving a better prospect of what is happening in the code during execution.

Infinite cycle

As a preparation step before I can introduce some scheduling into all actions and tasks, I have added an infinite loop for the cli output. My plan for the future is to allow the scheduling of the actions, that is the bundle of user, keys and task, instead of separate tasks. I think it will be an easier and nicer solution, especially since I am thinking about adding some Terracore and HIVE Posting abilities to a bot.

Usesful links

GitHub Page


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HIVE - https://vote.hive.uno/@assassyn
HiveEngine - https://votify.vercel.app/alamut-he

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