Universal Hive Bot - DevLog - #3

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Hello all users,

I am trying to improve my bot as well as this devlog every time I post it. From now I will post a dev log update every time I will publish the release to GitHub. I am trying to keep one change per branch policy.

Current latest release: 0.7.0

What's new

Added Lamar

Lamar is a software called Dependency Injection Container. It allows abstracting some types based on the interfaces. The way it is used in the bot is to allow to move of all HiveEngien-based actions into a separate library (file) and to load it dynamically on the app start.

Currently, it is not a big change but in the future, it will make adding more actions simple plus will allow updating the code easier.

Add to pool fixes

I have discovered that Add to Pool only works when the left token is used. I have mixed the right and left values and the JSON was not correct.

Bug fixes

I have found and fixed some small issues in various parts of the code.

Usesful links

GitHub Page


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