Let's build a Bot - part 1

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This is the dev blog for my attempt to create a universal hive-based bot to allow me to automate most (or maybe all) daily and tedious tasks I do on the HIVE network. I want to automate selling, staking and delegating tokens I do every day and I am not happy about it.

I suppose the bot could be extended to allow to automate of some gaming activities, but such activity should be allowed by the game and should be reasonably easy to do. For example, bot should be able to start the Splinterland battle as this is done with the HIVE message but will not be able to select the strategy for such a battle.

Do I need a bot?

I have a long list of manual tasks I am running every day. I am receiving a few tokens every day but I do not find any use for them neither I want to hold them and as such they are useless to me. Because of that I am selling them daily and these tasks take me up to 30 minutes daily and would like to not do them.

What is more, I have a set of tokens which I stake and delegate to LOLZ project to allow me to receive more LOLZ. Again I need to do it every few days and I never remember to do it.

The last potential use I envision for the bot is to automate some of my gaming tasks. However, this will only be allowed if the game ( such as Splinterlands) allows it. But in the case of Splinterlands, I can automate pool reward collection but I will not even try t automate the battle itself.


The functionality of UHB is going to be simple. There will be some configuration required, to tell the bot which accounts to use, and what action to execute on given accounts, to allow users to automate more than one account. For now, tasks are going to be defined and coded by me but I see the possibility to allow dynamic extension load or JSON-based task configuration. Unfortunately, both of these abilities are not going to be added soon if at all.

I do have a vision of creating a site like Hive. vote to allow users to use the bot and automate some tasks without the need of having the server working 24/7. However, this might and will be added later if ever.


There is a repository https://github.com/Assassyn/universal-hive-bot on GitHub with code. For now, there is a bare repository without an executable as all code is run with unit tests. Later on, I will add some readme to help beginner users to build and use the bot.

Current Progress

Currently, the bot can do:

  • read the list of level 2 tokens
  • stake the full amount of given tokens

I am going to start adding issues with features I am working on and the one I am going to work on and links to issues will be added to the dev blog.

I hope that my work will be useful to anybody else.

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Good luck!

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