Contest winners - 3 Apps contest - Congrats to @quinnertronics and @dkmathstats

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Good evening to everyone , last week I had created a contest - link.

Participants -

@dkmathstats - post link
@quinnertronics - post link

First of all I would like to thank both of them for participating in the contest . I appreciate it and both the posts gave me information that I didn't have before .

I personally liked the ProtonMail which was mentioned in the @dkmathstats post .

I won't take much time , let's issue the prizes .


I know I had mentioned the following prizes in my announcement post -

1st prize - 75 STEM + 1 LBI
2nd prize - 1 INDEX token
3rd prize - 25 STEM .

Since there are only 2 participants I would like to combine the prizes and send the following -

1st prize - @dkmathstats - 75 STEM + 1 LBI
2nd prize - @quinnertronics - 1 INDEX + 25 STEM

I have sent the prizes now -


Once again thank you for participating - I will run more contests in the future.


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congratulations to the winners. well deserved @dkmathstats.. ProtonMail App was also new to me.. cheers

Thank you for hosting this contest. I thought there would be more participants as the post was promoted.

 2 years ago 

There's always next time.