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RE: Debunking myths: Is there a pharmaceutical conspiracy to find the cancer cure?

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Greetings dear friend @gwajnberg, excellent your article, focusing a little on a social level it is clear that cancer does not escape the social strata, and like good capitalist companies the pharmaceutical focuses only on those problems with cancer that have greater presence in the richest countries.

It is clear that they are companies and are looking for economic income and it is also among said the work of the governments of the world that through organizations such as the UN do not strongly promote research aimed at treating cancer in all latitudes of the world. It is like sustainable development, they talk a lot about it but they do not generate convincing answers in favor of a humanistic change of society.

See you later brother, have a great week.


Actually I don't know if the UN has that much power. I think all the world needs to be united to help each other! During the COVID pandemic, we saw that world leaders were only concerned with their own population and didn't help any other country! The world needs more unity thinking.