Facebook unfolded its first Smart Glass

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Facebook is a very popular name in Social media and its a huge user base across the world. Most of us use Facebook to stay connected with our near and dear ones and also stay updated with news around the world. It has also been in the news for some controversies but the company is able to retain its users as well as getting new people registered on their platform. We all know that Facebook makes money through its userbase and they keep on exploring ways to enhance their revenue generation. Now social media is going through a revolution where people are getting over with centralized behavior. Because companies like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc are ensuring the content so content creators are happy with it and this is one of the biggest reasons why people are making a switch.


These companies are now trying to figure out alternate ways to keep their earnings stable and Facebook is also doing the same. Facebook has started working in AR to bring the next level of user experience so that they again get a boost on their business and technological development has already started.

The social media giant, which reported revenue of about $86 billion in 2020, makes most of its money from advertising but has invested heavily in virtual and augmented reality, developing hardware such as its Oculus VR headsets and working on wristbands technologies to support augmented reality glasses. Facebook Inc launched its first smart glasses on Thursday in a step toward its aim of offering true augmented-reality spectacles.

As I mentioned that Facebook earns a lot through advertisement and now they are focusing in another segment which could become another revenue-generating source for them. As a part of their move, Facebook has launched its first smart glass which is part of the AR revolution. Now social media has gone to the next level and having this smart glass will also bring innovation to users who like to have wonderful social media experiences.

Facebook is not the first company to launch smart glasses and Google has done it already. Google glass is quite popular however its not available in all the counties but the company keeps on upgrading it with additional features and its expected that Facebook will also follow the same trend.

Users have to pair these smart glasses with the Facebook View app. These will also support the Facebook Assistant so users can give commands like ‘Hey, Facebook record a video’ and carry out the task.

Its quite interesting to see how this smart glass will work however its expected that it will transform the way we connect with people and it will also allow video recording within voice command.

Facebook has partnered with Rayban to bring this glass and Rayban is also a leader in the segment. This glass comes with two cameras of 5mp and a charging case. Its also loaded with facebook smart voice assistant so with just one voice command it will start video recording and it can also be used for video calls etc.

Its exciting to see how the experience will be with Facebook smart glass and since Facebook has got a huge userbase so it can lead to quite a good number of ales for this smart product.

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