A New Era of Smart Phones with Foldable Screen

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Technology is evolving and its not just from one side instead of its happening in many aspects. Be it data connectivity, smart devices, highly advanced gadgets, and next-gen mobility, etc. Most of the thins are available on mobile and ist easy to use. Does it mean that mobile phones have upgraded with high-end technology or overall infrastructure has improved? I think that both things have improved last few years and I still feel that its just the beginning, and there is a lot to come in the coming years and we are going to witness a lot of innovation in place.

Today I was going through one of the articles in technology and then stopped by Samsung foldable phone. Indeed this is something that is completely new and Samsung as a brand started a new way to use mobile. I used to hear for many years that we will have foldable-screen phones and now its the reality that Samsung has made it possible.



Samsung’s latest foldable phone hit the market last month in the Samsung Galaxy Flip3 5G. The follow up to 2019’s Z Flip, the Flip3 is one of the best phones on the market, and a step up in smartphone innovation. You’re sure to get a lot of intrigue when you pull out the stylish Flip3, and it’s quite practical for everyday use.

Basically, Samsung has launched two models- Flip and Fold and both have foldable screens. I like the design and the way it works and being a gadget lover I would love to have this phone but its price is quite high. Its obvious since the company has spent a lot of money and its the first company that has started a new era in the smartphone segment. I don't know about the life of this type of screen because it will be folded so many times in a day and everything comes with a life span.

Its a very nice concept for sure and the use of such phones looks really great however we need to see when we can see getting affordable for everyone as not everyone can spend approx $2k to own this phone. Usually when there is more demand then we can expect the dip in price as the company will start production in bulk but we need to consider that technology also come with a cost so if we expect something extra ordinary then prices cant be ordinary as well.



Now since this new thing is started so other brands like LG and Google are also going to launch similar phones and I am sure Apple will not be left alone so they must be following the trend. Having a foldable iPhone will not be a surprise anymore in the next few years and probably after 4-5 years, this will be common if it gets more attention. Supply is connected with demand so if more people show interest then we can see more models and companies making foldable phones.

Future is going to be so exciting with this advanced form of technology and its also helping us to reduce the dependency on laptops or PC. Even now many people use mobile for most of their computing stuff but this is expected to increase even more in coming years. What do you think about it and how do you see the future of foldable devices in the coming years?

Thank you

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I'm happy my current phone, but it's an old Nexus 6P, and the battery doesn't hold up anymore. I've been eyeing these foldable ones, so I'm looking for an excuse to get one. I think I'll wait for the prices to drop a bit though. One anonymous user had mentioned that his foldable phone had developed a crease along the foldable part. I don't know how I feel about that, but it doesn't seem to be a good thing.