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RE: "Identify the molecule" league #32. Prize: knowledge + 5 Hive + 100 STEM + 100 CCC + 100 PAL + 200 TMN

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the right answer is Chitinase

I admit that Lysozyme fits with the description provided in the riddle
pretty good as well (like "...a part of the defense systems against fungal and invertebrate attack").

Anyway, you were the only participant this time,
so you'll get the bonus.

just sent you 100 STEM, 100 CCC, 100 PAL & 5 Hive

and 200 TMN

thanks for your interest )


the right answer is Chitinase

Aaah! I hadn't even thought about it. What a pity. Maybe next time it will be better!

Thank you very much :) :) It's always a pleasure to take part in your chemistry contests.
Greetings <3