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RE: "Identify the molecule" league #36. Molecule of the Year (2019/2020). Prize: knowledge + 100/20 Hive + 2000/1000 STEM + 10000/5000 CCC + 2000/1000 PAL + 2000/1000 TMN

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you're right )

just sent all the bonuses

thanks for your interest and support )

and TMN


Additional bonus:
I'd like to try to build scientific community on one platform and would like to invite you to join it.
It allows content creators to earn like Hive, but has completely different philosophy.

There's a lot of info, just respond when you have some time for it.


Future/Potential Scientific community

(ScienceGlobal on Discord)

it pays its authors with XRP.

Resources for new users:

(New to Coil? These resources should help you get started!)

The concept of the platform is revolutionary in that it has a completely different
way of content evaluation. It's the time people engage with your content which
defines its value (you get micro-payments to your XRP-wallet
(XRP TipBot: Important message - Action required!)
(XRPTipbot and Uphold Integration - Important Read!)

for every second people engage with your post), not the number of upvotes/downvotes.
The downvote button just doesn't exist, hence there's no any wars.

While the platform doesn't pay much on its own to content creators,
there's so-called Boosting program (the Coil team itself pays creators).
"And of course, do not forget about the boost program! Apply if you think you meet the criteria!"

you'll see that there's $5/month subscription. It's only needed to unlock additional features.
but not necessary.

Note that they don't have comments section of Coil blogs.
So, the discussion happens mostly on Twitter, Discord, Reddit and Telegram.

Coil Share

Plus, They have their own sort of version of Youtube
(It's here, Grant for The Web open submissions and Cinnamon Video Boosting Program!)
(Sweet Buns 2 (Cnmn Podcast))
Sign up for Cinnamon beta

Some useful posts as well:
On top of that, there is the Coil Boost Program which is pretty amazingly incredibly generous.
Getting Started On Coil - A Collection
coil Boosts XRP Payment Platform, Reaching 500+ Million Active Users on Twitter, Reddit and Discord