Crowdfunding in DeSci. Toward a Resource-Based World Economy #DeFi

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«What is needed is a change in our sense of direction and purpose»
Roxanne Meadows

Crowdfunding is about resource allocation. Instead of using money as an interface for this purpose, proponents of a resource-based economy recognize the Earth's resources as common heritage of all habitants and aim to allocate resources directly in a decentralized and collaborative manner.

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Investment potential assessment

"The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased; and not impaired in value”
Theodore Roosevelt

Soon, the Hedgehog met another Hedgehog holding a horn with water. He greeted him and had a little chat.

“You see, we have some projects that help us with assessment of the investment potential of our innovations like ScientificCoin and Molecule. For example, ScientificCoin project, which is under construction, provides tools to assess innovations in two phases. The first one is accomplished by a mathematical algorithm that evaluates projects based on near 70 different parameters of 5 categories. And the second one is done by the crowd of individuals with different background. This allows to evaluate the project from different angles in the most rational way. Then, the projects get listed on ScientificCoin crowdfunding platform based on the overall rating. And Molecule protocol provides asset-evaluation framework and other tools.

“But while we have these crypto projects, you already know that we are proponents of a resource-based economy. The projects help us to transition from a money-oriented society to it. In its context, when it comes to investment, we do not seek to extract the maximum potential monetary profits. What we do care is whether or not our actions help to thrive us and our environment. This type of investment potential assessment allows us to set priorities and allocate the Earth's resources in the most rational and beneficial way for everyone.”

“Yeah,” replied the Hedgehog, “that sounds reasonable. Now, I think, it's time for me to figure out how crowdfunding works in DeSciLand.”

As soon as the Hedgehog thought about it, the pointer of «DeSciLand navigator» moved pointing at the «Leo» sign. So he said goodbye and went forward in a given direction.


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An interactive version of the device can be found here ( The application is under development


Crowdfunding. Toward a resource-based economy

"What we’re talking about is intelligently managing Earth’s resources by using the methods of science to organize and manage society. We’re not referring to scientists running things but the methods of science applied to the way we live to achieve a more humane society for all.”
The Venus Project

After a while, the Hedgehog met the Leo, greeted him and talked for a while.

“Okay,” the Leo said, “let me show you some projects that help us with crowdfunding in DeSciLand. We have some crypto projects that help us while we are in a transition phase towards resource-based economy. Projects that provide crowdfunding platforms are Experiment, Crowd.Sicence, ScientificCoin, DeSci Collective, The Science DAO, and Impact Finance. ResearchHub also has plans to add the ability to support research projects financially and possibly even develop a grant-making organization in the future. DeSci Foundation and Science Fund support the mission as well. Most of them are still under development. These projects provide crowdfunding opportunities for all areas of science.

“And there are some projects that focus on specific areas. For example, VitaDAO specializes on funding longevity research, PsyDAO deals with psychedelics, Crowd Funded Cures focuses on funding public good medicines, BioDAO on funding life saving therapeutics, and Gitcoin can help with funding of DeSci projects themselves.

“NFTs also can be used for crowdfunding. Projects that leverage the power of NFTs for this purpose include SciFi (developed by SCINET team), Molecule, VitaDAO, PsyDAO. RMDS Lab is working on a marketplace for scientific NFTs which might help with funding research as well.

“I suppose that you have already heard occasionally about a resource-based economy. Let's take a closer look at what it is. It's resources, and not the money, that is the foundation in this case. Your 3D world is centralized and functions based on monetary system. Research shows that our behavior can be changed by changing our environment. What we are trying to do with the help of a resource-based economy is to redesign the culture. The latter allows us to change our behavior in such a way, so that we could reach the highest potential while protecting and preserving our environment.

“Resource-based economy is a global socio-economic system that allows its habitants to live in harmony with the Earth’s resources through the intelligent application of science and technology. Our vision is based on the idea that all of the Earth’s resources must be recognized as the common heritage of all the world’s habitants.

“And movements like DeSci is what may help us to manage the Earth's resources intelligently.

So when it comes to crowdfunding of scientific innovations in the context of a resource-based economy, we are talking about the most intelligent allocation of the Earth's resources to develop innovations which benefit us and our environment. Note, that all innovations, products, knowledge or services in the context of a resource-based economy are available for free to everyone.

“What we already have here, in DeSciLand, is an experimental research city consisting of several centers. The most important one is the Center for Resource Management. This is where all the decisions are made regarding the allocation of resources. There area also Research and Development centers, educational centers and some others.

“To summarize, your world is about maximizing profits. Our world is about maximizing the quality of life for us and our environment with the help of innovations developed through intelligent allocation of resources.”

“Amazing. Now, I think, it would be interesting to see what is going on with intellectual property sector in DeSciLand, especially in the context of a resource-based economy,” replied the Hedgehog and noticed that the pointer of «DeSciLand navigator» moved pointing at the «Virgo» sign. So he thanked the Leo and moved in a given direction.

Intellectual property

"Open source is an intellectual-property destroyer. I can't imagine something that could be worse than this for the software business and the intellectual-property business.”
Jim Allchin

Eventually, the Hedgehog met the Virgo. He greeted her and had a little chat.

“Well, let me show you some projects we have in my region. Molecule is basically a marketplace for intellectual property powered by web3 technology. Using the power of Ethereum, NFTs, and DeFi, they pioneered so-called IP-NFTs (intellectual property turned into NFTs) that helped to reduce bureaucracy and increase transparency in IP sector. These NFTs can be easily funded, traded, and collaborated on. Another project that is using a similar concept and working on a marketplace for scienctific IP-NFTs is SciFi.

“But, as far as I understand,” the Hedgehog replied, “DeSciLand was created with a resource-based economy idea in mind. So, do you really care about IP?”

“Right, once we get there, we are not going to care about IP, because all of the Earth's resources, all scientific ideas and innovations will be recognized as common heritage of all habitants.

“Okay. Now, I think, it's time to sum up the information about collaboration happening here on different levels,” said the Hedgehog and noticed that the pointer of «DeSciLand navigator» moved again pointing at the «Pisces» sign now. So he said goodbye and moved in a given direction.


This post was inspired by "Tomorrowland" fiction film, The Venus project, "InterReflections" movie, “Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?“, "Hedgehog in the Fog" animated film, and "Kolobok".

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