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How are you doing with the news about cyber attacks in the United States? In the Russian Federation, the news yesterday reported that the United States accused Russian hackers of another attack and extortion of funds. The Russian government denies this.

I believe that groups of people-extortionists do not have state identification. Another thing is if it is done by the special services of a country deliberately against another state. This is already a diversion, a war.


I am not sure it is really news to many of us in the IT profession. I think it is news now because it is hitting areas (food, fuel, transit, etc.) that affect everyday people at an everyday level.

That is the thing with cybercrime of this nature, it would be somewhat hard to trace if the crime is even backed by nation-states, corporate/industry competitors, or other.

I just wanted to say that the governments of states with such statements impose on the citizens of their country the image of a specific enemy. And it does not matter which country's government is meant in this case.