what is it like learning web development?

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As you know from the title we will talk about web development, not coding but just how to begin your learning if you have never even used HTML before.

when I started a few weeks ago that I'm no expert but that is why know what to tell you

that how coding look like
that what they show us in movies and is the misconception
this post is going to be on point no wasting your and mine time

so to start you need to learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language) start with HTML 1
THEN LATER VERSIONS. if you start from a later version you might not understand the basics of HTML that was the case for me

after that learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for CSS is a little advanced than HTML and you can add style to your web thought it if you have learned HTML then learning CSS will be easy to learn

after that learn javascript to bring your website to like you can do so much with it like slide button popup and adding clock etc you also need to learn graphics designing cause you might develop the best website but without graphics, no one will like it.

after if you gonna do more advanced coding learn bootstrap its a mixture of these the Language and is more advanced but it will take some time to learn it

currently, I'm learning HTML 2 and after that HTML 3 and so on
I will keep you guys updated on it

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