I Asked the AI to Extract Themes from My Story! A Fun Conversation Ensued

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Gave ChatGPT a random chapter of my story "I'm a Treasure Box in the Final Boss Floor" and a fun conversation ensued!

Since I finally got my hands on an account! I've been testing ChatGPT's limits as an AI language processor. I've talked about it in every niche I'm interested in by now. Asking it about the number of Digimon in Re;Digitize. How to program something in Ren'py. I wrote about some of the other things I did in "How I Got a ChatGPT Account while being in an Unsupported Country?"

One of the things I decided to test was its ability to outline a story or extrapolate something from one. So, I came up with the idea of giving it a chapter in the middle of a story I wrote, and seeing what happens. I choose "" because I'm proud of it. The First Chapter includes the Chapters List. Read here!

So, I started the conversation like this:

Me: What themes and things one can learn from this story chapter:

**I Copied Chapter 4 and sent posted it as a message to ChatGPT. (Read Ch.4 here.)

AI: This chapter explores the themes of hope and despair. The narrator, who is a treasure chest, reflects on the experience of having a purpose and fulfilling it, and then facing the emptiness that follows. The chapter also highlights the struggle and determination of the group of heroes who come across the narrator, and the bond and camaraderie among them. Additionally, it describes a fantasy setting of a dungeon and the dangers that come with it. They show the idea of making sacrifices and pushing to become stronger in the face of failure.

Me: Based on the given chapter, what were the contents of the chapters before it? Break them down by chapter.

AI: It is not possible for me to provide a summary or breakdown of the contents of chapters that are not provided in the given text. The provided chapter, Chapter 4: The Void, stands on its own and contains its own narrative and themes. Without information about the contents and context of the previous chapters, it is impossible to accurately determine what the contents of those chapters were.

Me: I can provide you the second chapter. Can you give a more accurate answer for the question before based on that?

I Copied Chapter 2 and sent posted it as a message to ChatGPT. (Read Ch.2 here.)

AI: With the additional context of chapter 2, the contents of previous chapters may have focused on the introduction of the narrator and its nature as a treasure chest. It may have discussed the fantasy setting of a dungeon, the role of the dungeon master, the dangers and creatures within the dungeon, and the narrator's place within the dungeon. It also mentioned that the narrator have some limited understanding of the heroes and their journey as they pass by it, and some of the heroes that come by leave to fight the dungeon master and never come back, and it would also talked about the narrator's curiosity about the content of the chest and their wishful thinking about what's inside.

Me: Are there any overarching themes between the chapters I provided?

AI: Based on the two chapters you provided, it seems that the story explores several overarching themes. Some of these themes include:

  1. The nature of existence: Both chapters reflect on the narrator's lack of understanding of its own past and the nature of its existence. The narrator is described as a treasure chest, and it is revealed that it has no memory of its creation or the time before it became conscious. Additionally, the narrator reflects on the nature of human existence, as they overhear a conversation between a group of heroes who also don't remember their own early years of existence.

  2. The struggle and sacrifice of heroes: The heroes that come across the narrator are on a journey through a dangerous dungeon. They have to fight monsters and overcome challenges in order to progress. The narrator reflects on the sacrifices the heroes have made, such as leaving behind their possessions, and being injured and killed.

  3. The role of luck and fate: The narrator mentions that many heroes that pass by it die because they brought the wrong resources at the wrong time. It talks about heroes who retire if they were lucky and also the idea of wishing for something that will grant the heroes an easier time.

  4. The theme of hope and despair: The narrator reflects on the experience of having a purpose and fulfilling it and then facing the emptiness that follows, it is seen on chapter 4. The heroes are also shown to be determined to fight the dungeon master, but their fate is uncertain.

  5. The theme of longing for something greater: The narrator wishes to hold something useful for the heroes that would make a real impact on their journey, like a powerful weapon or healing Elixir, something that will help them against the dungeon's master. This longing is also reflected in the heroes as they prepare to fight the dungeon master and hope to come out victorious.

What do you think?

What gets me here, is that the AI is on-point with the themes I tried to explore. Chapter 4 is based on the idea that Hope and Despair are very similar. I also tried in every chapter to show the helplessness of the box being unable to move and the AI noticed that. Then, again, I expected it to.

Do you have any ideas for using ChatGPT? For now, I'm still having fun with it, and exploring what it can and can't do. I hope to see you in another post.~

Salam (Peace)

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  • Everything in Bold is my prompts. Everything in a quoted section is a response from ChatGPT.

P.S: Grammarly keeps reminding me of the errors I made in my prompts while writing this. It took me all the effort to ignore correcting them.

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