Netgear Arlo Pro 2 - The security camera that's also a webcam

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Netgear Arlo Pro 2


The Arlo Pro 2 by Netgear (affiliate link) is a popular home security system. I've used this, along with other systems simultaneously, for the past 5 years, with the sam batteries! I probably should change the batteries, especially the ones in the high traffic located cameras, for fresh ones. I still get months of use from them, 5-6 months from the low traffic cameras, and just over a month for the others, so I still feel no need to replace them. This is especially because it only takes a few hours to fully charge them using a standard USB cable.

The hidden feature is that they are actually quite competent webcams! With their 1080p sensors and low light capabilities, they can actually record descent video for social media. So much so that some people actually do this! I've seen streamers use it as a 2nd or 3rd camera, usually overhead because of the wide angle of view. I even have an uncle who does the occasional educational content on YouTube, bless him, and he uses this camera for it. Mind you his videos look straight out of the early 1990s 😂

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You also didn't mention that they are super cute!!

I'm using the Ring cameras and security system and I installed quite a few cameras recently as we had a security scare.

If @steevc is interested:

Ring pros:

  • Super easy to set up and use
  • Owned by Amazon so probably not going anywhere anytime soon
  • Quite advanced motion detection settings, very configurable with areas you want to ignore, privacy areas etc.
  • With the Stick up cam you can connect to it and actually talk through it - so you can kind of use it as a remote way to talk to someone in your house from your phone - possible fun uses of this and/or scare away an intruder??

Ring Cons:

  • I do have to change the battery in the one covering the front of our house every 1-2 weeks at the moment. But I have set it to record every single piece of motion in front of our house. That means anyone that walks past, any deliveries, any cars, any pets etc so maybe that's reasonable. You can get a solar panel for it so I might look at that for that particular camera. All the other cameras last over a month. I also only set it like this for the time being because of the aforementioned security scare - I don't really want to record people unnecessarily because I want to respect their privacy.
  • Owned by Amazon and do they really need any more of our money!
  • You can use it without the cloud subscription but it's kind've geared up so you are pretty limited without it. No option to store on a local hard drive.

The option to store on local drive is a big feature. I actually never use it, but I'm happy it's there for when they decide to start charging me for the cloud storage.

Yes, they're designed very well and look really cute.😀

You've got me looking these up. I see versions by Arlo and Eufy on Amazon that seem similar with two cameras for about £200. The battery life seems good as I don't want to be messing around with cables. I'll have to read some more reviews to see if they do what I need.


The Arlo brand is pretty good. I've used the same one for 5 years (Since 2018). I got the set to watch the place when I went traveling around America. It was nice to have eyes on my phone around the house, inside and outside.

You can also attach a hard drive to the router to store your own videos locally if you don't want to use the cloud storage (which is free for me, not sure if they still offer that to new users). It's deleted after 7 days, by which time you can download it to your device, etc.

It's gotten a bit less good over the years though. When I first got it, it was so fast it felt like real-time. Now there's like a 1-2 second delay (Latency). I know they sold the company to some other owner, so they probably changed something.


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Looks like an amazing invention, multiple features always makes the product loveable ;)

The way we are seeing that technology is getting more advanced day by day and our life is getting much easier than the way we used to do the work with our hands now many jobs are being done by robots. The way we see all the features in the video is that it will not be affected by water and it will continue to record properly.