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RE: Learning Moment in Late Night

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Guys at the lab: hmmm it seems Vitek raised some interesting flags here.
Me: Fascinating... pulls out phone to Google
Guys at the lab: Needs more test to further identify the subspecies.
Me: Yes.
Guys at the lab: ...
Me: Yeah I know we're not going to investigate further because identifying the subspecies requires more tools, I get it, give the papers and we'll sign this out.

That's my version of your similar story. Limitations of our lab and so on. We just let the clinicians make an educated guess from then on or recommend sending out the specimen to a tertiary lab better equipped. Sounds cool you get more options to use what's written on the textbooks.

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I just leave a comment on the report that it behaves similarly to C. parapsilosis while reporting the actual organism.