Invasive Breast Carcinoma with Mucinous Features

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I've been having a series of rough months since my last post. The volume of work I've been receiving is equivalent to handling five hospitals. Our institution is one of the referral hospitals and our rates tend to be relatively cheaper. I've been stocking up some photos for some cases I find interesting among the bucket list of cases I processed throughout this time.

Here's a core needle sample from a 54-year old female at 40x magnification.


At 100x magnification.


At 400x magnification.


The cancer cells are in singles or in clusters surrounded by a pool of extracellular mucin.

We signed this out as an invasive breast carcinoma with mucinous features because if it only a core sample. A diagnosis of Mucinous Breast Carcinoma requires the tissue seen and examined where more than 90% of the tumor consists of these mucinous features. Sampling plays a huge factor for the diagnosis as one could just took a sample from that small part where it happens to be abundant of mucinous features while the rest of the tumor makes up solid parts.

Pure Mucinous Breast Carcinomas have low rates of recurrence or metastasis compared to mixed ones (other invasive features like micropapillary structures). The next step for this patient is undergo further workup for possible spread of the cancer. If it's still within the breast, then surgical resection would be done.

I'll try to do the guess the diagnosis post again some other time.

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time.

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The volume of work I've been receiving is equivalent to handling five hospitals.

And yet you still make time for Hive. But seriously, amazing shared these!
Uhhh so the violet colored substance are the cancer cells, right?

Not the blockchain, but for the people in it. Yes the violet ones are the cancer cells. My phone's content is composed of memes, work pics like these, gross work pics, mnemonics, nsfw, memories and @jazzhero's phone number.

@jazzhero's phone number

Use it for emergencies only 😋

gross work pics

This is why I don't drop by here. Sorry. 😅

Gross work pics make the days go around

This is my first time seeing cancer cells. I hope who ever is fighting cancer fell more strong. A patient usually get more sick when they lose hope that's what I believe atleast. Do you think there is a connection between will power to fight a disease and recovery? !1UP

I think positive thinking plays an important role with how one perceives their outcome. If you get depressed while sick, it becomes a downward spiral in getting worse. I think of positive thinking as a means to gain more time against the inevitable, we will all drop dead one day but it's another story if you become sad and engage in dangerous activities that could hasten that outcome.


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