RE: $10 Billion Space Origami - James Webb Telescope [Live: 25.12.2021, 12:20 UTC]


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lol last night this homeless old man was watching James Webb telescope videos in an electric wheelchair in texas on on JJ/goocheese/tommy's stream

its sad because the public thinks this is real or efficient

its more likely the government fails at every launch and just fakes all data, its cheaper to fake space data with cgi

we will only get real data about "space" simulation metaverse when we install decentralized observatories run from hive witness homes like telos Dstor

if they have nothing to hide, let us collect the space data ourselves from the earth first in a decentralized network of science blockchain labs, that use hive in every school.

Why wouldnt they want children learning hive and telos? huh?

I guess because all Americas School children will find @ackza 's blog and all my conspiracies lol info that frees them from thematrix