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RE: When Should People Where Masks?

in STEMGeeks11 months ago

The masks in the image are pretty useless I hear. Virus particles being much to small for this type to collect them.

One day last year I made an effort to collect discarded masks from a beach and promenade near me. I got some rather strange looks but didn't pick up anything else :)


The droplets are different sizes. If you took a spray bottle, put on a mask, sprayed water and then inhaled; you would see that mask picks up some and other goes through.

The mask decreases the viral load, but does not completely protect the wearer. They are not completely useless. However, they should be used sparingly.

As picking up litter ... I treat masks like dog poop. Yes, I would pick them up at the beach or other nature preserve. I am leaving the ones I see on the roadside and parking lots for now.


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