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RE: What type of contest do you want?

in STEMGeeks9 months ago (edited)

I can tell you why I didnt enter personally: I don't live by any grocery stores. I go shopping like once a month lol. So maybe people are too lazy/ busy / don't feel like going to the store to buy marshmellows? Thats just a guess.

Another obvious problem is the lack of serious STEM users. THere's not really a whole lot of people posting Science, Tech, Math and/or Engineering posts on the STEM front end. This is probably the biggest problem.

STEM has great distribution numbers and curation. but if there's barely any users being rewarded for quality posts: Good luck launching competitions like this. Somehow "we" need to find more GEEKS.

Obiously buying marshmellows and pasta isnt difficult for most people. However, it is something people need to remember to do vs. just entering that day. Maybe do some type of math contest next? Have a couple equations to balance? See if people remember PEMDAS?

Anyways ill try REALLY hard to enter the next competition and also get some of my friends to enter.