Neodynium Magnets.

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Show and tell time! I want to show off my Neodymium magnet I bought online a few months ago. I guess to prove what a nerd I am LOL and also to show a cool object I have that I could do many experiments and projects with.

Neodymium is a rare earth metal with magnetic properties. This magnet is EXTREMELY powerful! It is certainly potentially dangerous.

Above you can see that the magnet is clearly strong enough to hold up this pan against the door frame. Better bet this magnet could hurt you.

We watched this video in school its SUPER funny. this guy loses a fake hand VERY dramatically. The lesson is real though and you could 100% crush your entire hand with magnets {OUCH}.

My magnet is a bit weaker than the one in the video: but it is still powerful enough to seriously bruise your hand or finger.

Be careful to remove all jewelery and avoid using magnets around anyone with a pace maker or metal plates. BE INSANELY CAREFUL WITH TWO OR MORE MAGNETS {OR EVEN THE MAGNET AND ANOTHER SURFACE LIKE STEEL}. Do not use around electrical equipment.

Did you know that everything is reactive to magnetic fields: Not just iron nickel and colbalt?!

It sounds like science fiction: But major universities have levitated frogs inside powerful electromagnets.


Damn this is really cool. I love me a really powerful magnet! I got some magnet rocks that are actually pretty damn strong many years ago and they still work today like the day I got them.

I've seen that type of magnet but never knew what it was, thanks for letting me know.