How to build a Faraday Cage out of tinfoil.

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First of all: What is a Faraday Cage?

Michael Faraday was an Engish scientist who realized that if you charge a metal cage with electricity it would only charge the surface of the cage. The inside space of the cage would have no electrical charge. This turned out to be a profound discovery!
Here is my microwave door: Which works on Faraday Cage principals to keep microwaves inside the box! Notice how thin the faraday material is on the microwave door. It even has spaces like a chainlink fence. There are many ways to build a "do it yourself" Faraday Cage! One of the most common ways is with tinfoil.

Does tinfoil really work?

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Tinfoil is an often used item for homemade Faraday cages because it is so inexpensive. Also the type of conductive metal you use doesn't strengthen the effect much: So you might as well use the cheapest options.

How to build a Faraday Cage out of tinfoil.

Today we are going to build a faraday cage for a cell phone. You can follow along for me or continue to read. At the end of this article I will explain WHY you would want to posess a faraday cage that you can fit your cell phone into. You can build a faraday cage for any electronic device.
Find an old book thats falling apart. Trace your cell phone onto the first page of the book. Make the tracing slightly larger than the shape of your phone for extra room.
Find an exacto knife and carefully cut over the tracing. Basically you are making a stash box inside a book. Remove the inside cut out and continue to go deeper and deeper into the book in the shape of your cell phone.
Once your cell phone can fit into the hole you carved out: It's time to whip out the tinfoil! Also grab some scotch tape.
Fold a piece of tinfoil in half. Make sure the double layer is longer than your book. Leave a bit of extra single layer length at the end.20200723_162133[1].jpg
Tape the folded over side of the double layer of tinfoil onto the INSIDE of the front of the book {the hard cover}. fold it over the front, spine and back of the book {hard cover}.
Make a cut along the tinfoil where the page folds on the top and bottom. Tape the folds down.20200723_163212[1].jpg
On the backside of the book: Fold the newly formed tab down.
Tape the extra tinfoil flap onto the backside of the book cover.
Now you are simply going to make another double fold like before and repeat the above steps for the BACK cover.
Remember to tape down the extra tinfoil fold.
Next we are going to make another double folded piece of tinfoil. This time tape it into THE BOTTOM INSDE OF THE BACK COVER {under all the pages with the cut out part facing up.}
Make a cut where the book ends {on both sides}.
Now is a good time to begin taping down the pages around where your cell phone will go. MAKE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK THE HOLE IS ACTUALLY BIG ENOUGH FOR YOUR PHONE WITH THE BOOK CLOSED.
Fold your tinfoil piece to the edge of the book cover. DO NOT TAPE IT DOWN TO THE BOOK YET. 20200723_174436[1].jpg
Use your thumb carefully and mold the tinfoil around the {phone shaped} hole you cut out earlier.
Now you can go ahead and tape the tinfoil to the cover of the book. Make sure the tinfoil stays locked into the shape of the cell phone shaped hole.
Now tape the 2 extra tabs upwards: Covering the side of the pages of the book. {Make sure you dont make a mistake and tape the book shut on both sides.} 20200723_174955[1].jpg
At this point: Check for any gaps in the tinfoil. IF YOU FIND A GAP YOU MUST COVER IT. Again: make sure you don't accidentally tape both covers shut {it's okay if you tape the back cover shut}.
It might seem too good to be true but:

You just built a fully functional Faraday Cage!

Why would you want small Faraday cages for electronic devices?

There are several reasons why people build Faraday cages:

#1 Solar flares and EMP attacks.

If you store a Shortwave radio in a faraday cage: It will survive a large solar flare or {God forbid} an EMP attack from a foreign government.

#2 Hacking attacks from stingray tech.

Did you know people can steal your data even if you are offline? This will protect from stingray type attacks.

#3 Cell phone towers track you.

Don't think the Government has a right to follow your literal every move? I don't either? Throw your celly into your tinfoil book while you travel and remain anonymous! It's perfectly legal to protect your location. Besides, a malicious hacker could steal government data: Even if the government isn't up to anything evil. If the government knows your location: A hacker could see that data.


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