[3DPrinting] The Mask | 3D printing with filament loaded with 30% wood fiber

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Good morning all,

Here is a 3D printing test with filament loaded with 30% wood fiber ...
model "The Mask", duration 3h50 layer 100µm.



homemade 3d printer based on the Hypercube model


After cleaning...

All photo original @a-l-e-x

See you soon


@antisocialist Thanks for making sure I was aware of this post.

Not a Guy Fawkes mask but still pretty nice.👍 I am allergic to wood dust so I am reluctant to work with filament containing wood. Maybe whenever I get a 3D printer with a proper enclosure I'll try it.

Hello @holovision Thank you for your message!

Indeed I notice a strong production of dust and particles after a few days of printing ... I also plan to install a fairly powerful (and silent) suction system but without lowering the temperature during printing.

the advantage that I find in the use of wood filament is:

  • the possibility of working the part post production (sanding, tainting ... etc)
  • ease of printing (adherence of the first layer, hide defects, easy cleaning of the support, possibility of gluing / repairing the parts, etc.)

in short, I use almost only composite filaments.

Have a good day

@holovision, have you found this, yet?