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Trezzahn's HypnoFridays!

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Hello all and welcome to another installment of HypnoFriday's! Brought to you by myself, Trezzahn, we shall explore the world of psilocybin further and explore a dosing range.

Welcome to...

Week Three!

Dry Dosing and/or in Combination With Passiflora Incarnata

This week, we will examine the effects of the natural herb "Passion Flower", or, "Passiflora Incarnata", and its' bodily effects on one during a dose, whether micro or macro.

Firstly however, read this article on the general effects of Passion Flower here; https://ecency.com/hive-141827/@trezzahn/passiflora-incarnata-passion-flower-a-herb-of-natural-wonders

If this does not interest you for the next dose you can skip ahead.

However, for those interested in dosing both Psilocybin and Passiflora Incarnata dosing - this section is for you;

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Passion Flower Dose Acquirement and Addition

If You Wish To Purchase Herb for Next Friday (or Dose)

Passiflora Incarnata can be obtained easily from many sources.

  • Being a legal herb for purchase in most countries, this can be ordered from an online retailer, a peer-to-peer sale such as through e-bay or amazon, or simply from visiting a local herb, garden or other storefront which may sell such.

If the above article is read;

It becomes evident that the higher the dose of Passion Flower, the greater the psychoactive, but also sedative effects are.

  • Generally, being so with an upset stomach sometimes for people when dosing, a smaller amount may be sufficient to start, as the body is still digesting the enzymes necessary for psilocybin to become active. As such, a starting dose for anyone should be no more than 300mg, maximum 450mg when beginning a Psilocybin dose (first two hours).
  • When time has passed after dosing and one is either a). Used to the previous Passion Flower dose taken, or b). Well into their Psilocybin dose and able to handle the addition of another herb, re-dosing (100mg-150mg), or initial heavier (450mg-600mg**) dosing if desired, but lower is still reccommended, can be done.
    Inhalation of Passion Flower proves to be the most efficient way for fast acting rapid onset effect, while consuming such, encapsulated or other, proves to last the longest and have the most calming effects.


Onward, to begin our dose!
Additionally, if you wish to dose with tea, see the below link

Today, I am going to take a hefty 3.9 gram dose of P. Cub Golden Caps. This converts to roughly 2.9 grams of Azurescens, technically a comparable dose for myself to last weeks.

20210830_120616 (1).jpg

Go here to learn the potency of the Psilocybe type you will be consuming, https://ecency.com/hive-163105/@trezzahn/hypnofridays-week-1 and compare such to the median defined here: https://ecency.com/hive-163105/@trezzahn/hypnofriday-s-week-two-a-night-of-reflection and to find a great starting dose today for yourself!

Depending if you smoke, consune initially, or smudge Passiflora Incarnata during your dose it may affect your trip differently.

  • Again, re-dose as you choose but follow the motto, Start low and go slow.

The Dose

After we have consumed our Psilocybin in way of desire, we are going to prepare for a wonderful night ahead of us :)

But, as per always, let's begin with a short walk, or some music listening of your choice until we begin to feel the effects roughly half-an-hour in.

Once so,
Let's Start With Some Tunes

We'll throw on Teflon Saga's "Parachute" to start;

  • I absolutely love the visuals in this video and personally find it very relaxing to my body and mind when I listen to this.

Done that one? Okay, let's change the visuals a little. This is RÜFÜS DU SOL's "Innerbloom",

  • All of this artist's songs in my opinion are fantastic, we're gonna stick with this vibe now;

You should be well into some visuals with your dose. We're gonna throw on some background music by KOAN Sound & Asa for now while we lay back and relax our eyes. This first song is called "This Time Around";

We'll keep this artist on for another. This next ones' called "Starlite";

Enjoying this music?
Now let's put a background relaxing vibe on while we continue forth into our psilocybin adventure...


Looking for some amazing artwork perhaps to stimulate some creativity? Check out #alienarthive , there are tons of great artists out there just waiting to be discovered!

Maybe discover some new artists? Check out @xyanthon and one of his latest pieces, the King in Yellow, very intriguing in my opinion: https://ecency.com/art/@xyanthon/king-in-yellow-basalt-keep



Or what about a great flash fiction read by @ji33y "Lurking";


  • Thoroughly enjoyed this one!

Enjoying those? Now what about some real-life photo artwork. Check out #urbex and all @slobberchops has to offer. Most recently, the Brook House read has been popular, and for good reason!

I also have three postings on here; maybe one of them may intrigue such interest?

Linseed Oil Mills:


Ontario Place Amusement Park:


Alderwood Collegiate Institute:


Oakville-Trafalgar Hospital:


What about your own artwork? Be creative! Draw! Sketch! Paint! Make something perhaps! Learn something new...go on a photography hike! Go bird watching; look for butterflies! Identify plants and wildlife (I link some good apps for this in my previous HyonoFriday's, linked above. Do anything to make you feel as though your time was productive!

Here are some photos of my own I took while on a recent dose;




I love photography, especially in the fall when the colours appear to pop out of their photograph more.

These are just a few examples of shot types I utilized and photos I took while on a dose several days ago.



Additionally, #EpicCash, a mining implementation on CPU, GPU, and ASIC, "Simply put, mimblewimble takes the same proven elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) used to secure bitcoin transactions and applies this to transaction amounts so that the transaction amounts are now private and there are no addresses required", ultimately creating a tokenized ecosystem secure and seperate, utilizing a POW model to allow total private governance over private token, with ultimately more to come.


This may sound confusing while dosed, but simply put, it's something worth saving and watching over the next little while; https://ecency.com/cryptocurrencies/@grendel25/epic-cash

Some Entertainment

You should now probably be just over halfway through your dose, depending on what consumption method and amount used. I always like to relax at this point with a comedy movie to put the mind and body at ease and prepare for the afterglow effects.

Today, I'm watching Get Hin to the Greek , a hilarious comedy with one of my favourite actors, Jonah Hill, as well as Russell Brand, where "A record company intern is hired to accompany an out-of-control British rock star, Aldous Snow to a concert at the L.A.'s Greek Theater";

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1 Photo courtesy of https://letspokego.blogspot.com/2016/10/featured-pokemon-hypno.html

2 Photo courtesy of PictureThis application

3 Photo courtesy of http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3631124224/tt1226229

Other included photos retrieved from posting of respectively linked owner.

Well, we've reached the end of week three!

Hopefully this has been as enjoyable a night for you as it has been such for me!

I wish you the very best and implore you to post up some cool finds, images of fractals, or anything else hyonotic right on here in the comments and I will be periodically looking through them. Maybe we can get a conversation started?

For now I say, safe journeys through the mind and stay safe! Enjoy your night as I will enjoy mine, and thanks for tuning in to...

Trezzahn's HypnoFridays!

Thanks for sticking around!

  • Trezzahn

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