How does IP address restriction work?

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So I have used some services which are supposed to work only one time on a computer/IP and I have always wondered how those work. I even took my laptop to a different home which has a different IP on a different wireless router and still it works great that it recognized that i have already used it.

How does the technology behind this work? Do they use MAC addressses as well? I'm just fascinated by how well done it is and how it actually works!

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Well, your mac adress is the same...

It is the same yes but do these services that track the IP have access to my MAC address as well?

yes I believe so

MAC addresses can be spoofed with a good chance of success. It is even built-in on some new Android devices.

Your device has been fingerprinted (device OS, browser, hardware, screen resolution, etc.), not to mention the MAC address of your device. Your device has only one real MAC address, though it may have some ability to spoof it.

IP address restrictions barely work at all, since a person who has some technical knowledge can use VPN, Tor, public WiFi, etc. to bypass such restrictions. If a public node is restricted, just keep trying another node. Not all nodes can be blocked.