What are some of the more promising near-term energy storage solutions for industry and consumers?

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With the major drive to reduce the amount of carbon emissions going into the atmosphere, renewable energy has gainesd significant interest. Solar, wind, and wave are the most prominent solutions but have major drawbacks. The energy that is produced is on an intermittent basis, i.e., solar is ineffective in the dark and without sufficient wind and waves, turbines do not produce output. And, as stand alone technologies, they lack storage options for the energy produced. How is industry tackling this fundamental problem and what emerging soulutions are the most promising for the near future?

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The most promise I have seen is from https://www.tesla.com/solarpanels
Tesla is already working hard on developing bateries. They are the most liklely canditate to offer great solar pannels with great storage solutions.

The link you provided prompted me to invest the subject a little further. As far as the solar option is concerned, the ozzie's approach to repurposing lithium ion batteries, from a number of vendors, for residential dwellings seems quite attractive. I think that tech can be adopted in a number of Markets where adequate sunlight is available. Thanks for your response.🙂

We do have a massive amount of Lithium Iron batteries in circulation. Recycling them as much as possible is a wise and greener choice.