Do you believe that there is Supernatural Being who created the Universe called God? Yes or No...

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Do you believe that God exist or non-existent? Tell us why you believe there is God, if not, then tell us why you don't believe that there is God. I will love to hear your answers...

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I believe that something is out there, that we can’t comprehend with what we know currently. What that is, I haven’t the slightest clue but I don’t believe it’s the same as the mainstream religions like Christianity, Judaism and Muslim ideas of the supreme being. It is intriguing to think about for sure!

Nice, thanks for putting some time to answer my question. I am glad that deep in our hearts we are believing there is Someone who is more Superior than us. I call Him God who created us all.

I invite you to visit and read our post regarding this subject and let us make a discussion on how you find it useful or maybe you find it useless. I am open for open discussion with an open mind :))

The Claim That There Is No God Is an Escape from All Realities

I think so. If you look at the science behind something as simple as eyesight, it becomes obvious that there is no way that miracle of science happened with all the other miracles of science that make up the human body, let alone this earth. God is real.

I am happy to see your point of view regarding this topic. This is the evidence you are truly smart that nothing exist with accidents. All planets are made round, this is no accidents. Great to see you comment here

Water molecules are round. Atomic structures are round. Jonah Hill is round. Miracles!

Lol I should go to sleep. Fighting cats woke me up so I tried rum and an hour later I'm finally tired. 😴

I believe that God exists. I see a plan in the development of the Universe.

Great mindset, based on your answer I can say you are a smart person. Nothing exists without its creator just like our phone that we are looking now. Its made by Apple or Samsung, nothing exists without its smart creator. The world created by God

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Thanks, I am still trying things out here. Thanks for making this

Yes I believe that there is Supernatural Being who created the Universe called God?

Even the material world reveal the great arm of supremacy of a supernatural being who the Jews call ELOHIM.

Yes I believe that he created all things, man inclusive.

That is great, praise be the name of God Almighty!


Thanks be to God

I don't believe in god because every time I was at my worse, god didn't come to help me.

I had to get up. And get out of that situation myself.

God is just a hope, when there is no hope left, you cling to it.

When there is hope, you take action and solve your problems.

Sorry to hear that from you, may I know where are you from?

I am from India.

Are you a hindu or do you believe in deity? or spirits?

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I am a Hindu, I don't believe in anything like that.

Yes of course I believe God. More than believing in the existence of God, we must trust in Him for salvation.

Great to hear that. Thank God

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