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RE: How Do You Feel About The New Leo Finance Interface?

in Quello9 months ago

I feel extremely positive about the new LeoFinance interface!

The only reason any of the bloggers use the current LeoFinance interface is out of respect to the community. Even a highly limited beta version of the new LeoFinance interface is a huge improvement on what we had.

What I'd like to see added in the short term is further categorisation of sub-topics within the overall finance niche. For example as a forex trader, I'd love to see the forex topic look as clean as the home page.

In the long term, I want to see the ability for LeoFinance members to offer subscriptions, or the ability to sell their products/services in LEO through the platform. This would add another facet to the LEO token economy and provide real incentive to earn, buy and spend the token to both sides.