What will happen if COVID-19 will never end?

in Quellolast year

I have heard a lot all about this need some opinion from here to.
Let me know what you think!

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Great question, but think about the diseases we live with daily. Ebola isn't gone, flu is still with us. But to be honest, we'll never get rid of it. It mutates too much and too quickly, even if the vaccine is created - we wont be able to use it in one month if the disease still spreads.

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Thanks a lot for the encouragement, @quello.
I will try to be regular here.

What'll happen is that we'll put on our face mask until further notice

I am doing that mr. @alovely, but how long we have to wait?

I'm hearing stories that a vaccine will be made public on or before USA presidential election

Oh this is good news, I hope vaccine will be available soon for all

Yeah. If only they don't play politics and superiority with it