Do you think 5G will replace the need of WiFi for faster Net Access?

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Most of the countries are testing 5g technology these days for super fast internet and they are claiming that once 5g is launched then one movie can be donwloaded in few seconds only. This sounds amazing but as of now we are dependent upon optical fibre for high speed internet. Do you think 5G will remove the need of fiber wifi at home ?

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  1. Yes it will

I don't think so. I think 5G will boost our speed, but the speed of Wi-Fi will also be increased simultaneous and we are not only using Wi-Fi for high speed but also to save our cost.

No I don't think. You need WLAN for more than Internet. For example a Homeserver or you just want, that some devices aren't allowed to create a remote connection. If you want the full controll over your home network you need a Local Area Network (LAN). WLAN is a more easy way to access your LAN without wired connection.

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