The Launch of Sony’s TV 1959 and Sony in 2021

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It all begin as a dream of the Sony Company president Masaru Ibuka to build a transistor TV in 1959. The work started immediately and during April that year; the prototype was produced and was later well improved. On December 25, Masaru Ibuka announced the launch of the first Sony TV and went into sales in May 1960. This is the TV8-301 8-inch portable transistor TV, and this is how Sony start the TV business.

Prototype Number 1 April1959


Things have changed from just a transistor television to a 4k LED TV. The Sony X91J is an 85 Inch television with many exciting features. It is cool for movies and gaming in a dark room because of the contrast ratio and exceptional black uniformity. The changes over the last 62 years have been awesome.