Propopsal for Gridcoin Marketing Campaign


It has been some time since the team requirement for Gridcoin was removed and in the meantime the last issues after the Fern update have been fixed and the wallet even got an improved design! I therefore strongly believe that it is time to introduce Gridcoin to a wider audience and make it more widely known.

In the past, we have served ads through Google Adsense, but I suggest that this time we start with ads on Twitter. Our valued community member garf has already done some tests on this with his own Twitter account and after some tweaks he was able to achieve a click rate of more than 1% at a cost of around $0.3 per click.


The advertisement should be placed through the official @GridcoinNetwork twitter account and it should point to the website. The reason for this is that the website's modern design and pictorial layout makes it easier for new users to understand the concept behind Gridcoin. Jringo will help us to monitor the views via Google Analytics to assess the effectiveness of the advertisement campaign.


The funding for the advertising campaign should primarily come from the community. For this purpose, a separate address is set up and all funds are invested in the advertising of Gridcoin. The conversion from Gridcoin to USD will be done by selling to willing community members. In the past this was done through vortac. If no one else comes forward, this will be done by him again. I suggest we start with a budget of 20,000 gridcoin per month, which is about $5 per day. If the address runs out of Gridcoin, the advertising campaign will be paused. The Donation Address is: Ryff7mV8jVbQRHHVFwREjAmjTygfEkMXuU. The Keys for the Funding Address will be held by me (gridcoin2moon) and as a start I will already provide 20,000 GRC.


The advertising campaign is primarily run and monitored by garf, jringo, vortac and gridcoin2moon. The community is informed on a regular basis about the current status. For this purpose, a post will be published on Hive / Reddit.