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I received a love letter today! My first in decades! It's not every day that a little old lady receives a love letter. Is the frequency of love letters inversely proportional to age?

Back to my love letter. More love, less math. Math is a bummer after all and love, well, sometimes love is a bummer too, but...

Back to my love letter! The fellow actually said, among other things

In truth, you are fairer to me
than any flower.

I had no one to tell for some time, until @mariannewest provided the perfect prompt, fair, for me to tell all the world!

To be honest, this love letter was a post by a freewriter freewriting. He started his freewrite off with

Today's #freewrite is dedicated to @owasco. O waw r u ever going to be pissed when u see this.

He and I had gotten very chummy in print over on that other blockchain that shall not be named, are very appreciative of each others' freewrite skills, and have more than once written poetry together. He is less than half my age. I was not pissed. I felt something closer to bliss.

I pulled it together and responded to his gushing, mushy, no holds barred love letter thus:

I am verklempt!
and hope you never see
how unkempt
I truly be

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This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is fair.

Come write with @freewriters community! Anyone can do this! We have been attracting quite a few new writers lately. This community is perfect for newbies - actual people read and support your work!!!

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That's cute. I actually did chuckle...and kudos to him for using "verklempt" :)

Bless you @william8wayward - I commend you on your good taste - #GottaLoveOwasco!
@bobthebuilder, it was @owasco who used "verklempt" in response to his poem. :)
No matter - I encourage you all to read the original poem. My favorite part:

In another life,
when I am not quite I,
and you are not quite you,
I'd like to marry you.
Then we'll take coffee together,
and share all the pretty sunsets.

The thing is, I know someone who attended Steemfest in Poland (in 2019, I think), met her soulmate there, and is with him still. Steemit, Hive, PeakD, whatever app you use, it's all about the people we meet. We are not all faceless strangers hiding behind funny names ("owasco," e.g.)! - we are real, we are human, and we are connecting, in this crazy time of "social distancing" and masks. Thank you @owasco for all your reminders. For those who missed it, see https://hive.blog/hive-120078/@owasco/fuel and the 92-yr-old singer at the Jazz Cellar. You'll wish you'd been there too!

dear carol kean
you are my Number One Fan
you float my boat

You are my
Numero Uno
haiku maestro

Even if I'll never get the syllable right when I try it myself. :)

How exciting to get a love letter 😍

You kinda had to be there.

This is the sweetest thing I've read today and its just 8:20am. I hope this is the start of many.

sweet begets sweet
stories come to life
the world turns

Love was easier back then xD

Yeah, because hormones.