Narrowing Down, a Freewrite

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I've known students who could ace any test, even though they had nearly no understanding of the material, or seemingly so.

These students nearly all felt they were stupid, that they sucked at school. Their grades would certainly reflect that. But put a standardized test in front of them, and they would often score among the top of the class.

They didn't know what a quadratic equation was, or how to complete the square. But they sure as hell knew they could test all the answers to see which one worked. They knew that if there were n bats, and m students, where m is greater than n, then one of those bats would have to be shared. They thought in the abstract, multidimensional beings themselves.

@carolkean has me thinking about intelligence and coordinates, dimensions and time. I can't help writing about it.

Here's my advice to mankind: start with eliminating the obviously false choices, then look for the truth.

This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is eliminate.

image by Dean Moriarty, @wales


People must always search and find out for themselves, learn to be rational and curious, because that is what will free them from being common people who follow what everyone does.

Your story is very complex, I liked reading you.

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Where was I 12 days ago, that I missed this.... LOL, you got ME " thinking about intelligence and coordinates, dimensions and time" - I'm glad you're writing about it!

You kinda lost me at where m is greater than n, but I love the way students could ace a multiple choice test even if they felt lower IQ than their peers (or something like that).

Just brought in the line-dried laundry (brains bake faster than ever in 99-degree heat), and some bird fouled my clean shirt, and it doesn't just rinse off. I'm mad at this bird. I wanted to wear that shirt. My go-to, my old cotton Henley, my favorite. These don't turn up just every week at Goodwill.

Bird Brains.... another topic, another day.

I'm sorry about your shirt! Why don't you use a dryer?! I hate hanging laundry, almost as much as I hate unloading a dishwasher.

You and I had just had a conversation about m greater than n when I wrote this. It just means that if there are more people (m) than there are bats (n), at least one bat is going to have to be shared.

Who shares the bats.... eh. No. My brains are still baked. I even took a nap.
I love the stiffness and the scent of line-dried laundry.
But I hate unloading the dishwasher. That heated-dry cycle NEVER works.
Equations are a whole special category of pain. I would love them, if ever I correctly solved for x.

Never does! I have to dry the tops (bottoms) of glasses and cups, then let them dry for real.

There is no equation to solve. "m is greater than n" has infinite possible "solutions".