Freewrite on Curved Penises

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Wtf? Who does a freewrite on penis curvature?

Well, I'll tell you like Tony Montana of blessed memory: Me! That's who!

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Getting Into the Meat 😉 and Potatoes of the whole matter

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So what happened was that I was watching a video about how conception takes place in human beings. The video showed how the penis shoots sperm into the vagina and how the sperm travels to the egg, makes contact with it and forms a new person. I couldn't help but notice something as I watched. This is what the inner part of the female reproductive system looks like:


The penis shoots sperm as you can see here:


But the ovaries are on the right and left sides as you can see here and in the photo above where the parts are labeled:


I started wondering why isn't it right in the middle so the sperm goes straight to it without having to branch to the left or right? There are of course many good reasons why it is probably so, maybe for the protection of the eggs during penetration because if it was in the middle it is within reach of long dicks, etc etc.

But at the same time being all the way by the side still seems quite difficult for the reach of the sperm especially as there are other hindrances to a sperm getting to the eggs as you can see in this article:

Some of the obstacles the sperms will encounter include:

Vaginal pH
Not every sperm cell is able to survive inside the vagina due to the acidic pH it contains.

Response of the immune system
The woman's white blood cells detect the sperm cells as "enemies", and try to destroy them.

Cervical mucous
Secretions from the cervix and vaginal discharge vary in consistency and texture throughout the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, this fluid is more liquid and less dense to facilitate the passage of sperm. Conversely, when the woman is not ovulating, this fluid becomes denser and viscous, which complicates the sperm's journey.

Physical barriers
The internal anatomy of the female reproductive system (vagina, cervix, uterus, Fallopian tubes) is in itself an obstacle for the sperms. Some sperms get caught in cavities known as vaginal crypts that can be found within the woman's reproductive tract.

So the eggs all the way at the right/left ends don't help matters at all. Then at this point I remembered an old wonder of mine when I was a teenager and talking about curved dicks with my other fellow naughty headed friends; we wondered why some penises are curved, why do nature make em like that. As I looked at this eggs all the way by the sides it then hit me! Penises are curved to the right or to the left so that they can do their best in facing the eggs when they shoot!

Take a look at the red line I made in this picture to represent a curved penis, do you see it facing the ovaries and keeping it eyes 👀 on the mark even better?


I started picking up my phone to call my old teenage friends and explain to them that I've cracked it! I now know why penises be curved to the left or right. Am I a genius or what?

None of them could remember having the conundrum in the first place. Bad memory having bastards!

About this genius thing, I decided to check online to find out if scientists already say that this is the reason why penises are curved, but guess what? Not a single article mentioned it! Not a single scientist knows that this is why penises are curved, you can google it out. From now on you'll do well to address me as genius, you dig?


I soon found, though, that some penises are curved upwards and downwards rather than to the left or right and this was supposed to refute my theory that the reason for curves is to curve to the right or left to face the ovaries but after some more thought you'd just have to put every curve that is not right or left in the same group as the straight penises as penises that simply don't have the proper natural enhancement.
A good thing that at last all curved and straight penises can still get females pregnant but for sure those curved to the left or right are better enhanced.

Finally you can also read about diseases that causes more severe curves and treatments for them. Tata.


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Some deep serious scientific stuff here indeed. Proud of you, Mr. Genius! :D

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