5 minute freewrite Wednesday prompt mini computer

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This is my post for #freewriters Wednesday prompt mini-computer hosted by @mariannewest

I had my cell in my back pocket, when I took it out, there was a crack that went all the way across it. I have been wanting another one so I am not really upset about it. It is mostly a camera and an emergency device for when I am out on my boat and need help.

My husband and I use our cells the same way. We text each other when on the river, other than that we do not use them for anything. We both have Tracfone as our service provider. His is a flip phone, mine is a smartphone. The phones cost us each 120 dollars a year. We could get it cheaper but we would need to buy a year card which is 100, but we buy a card every 3 months for 19.99. I do not know why they just don't charge 20 dollars.

The reason that I want a different phone is it does not have much storage space and I want to put the weather channel app on it so if I need to, I can look up how far away thunderstorms are from me when I am on the river this summer, (that is if the wind ever lays down). I am always getting caught in them and I really wonder if that will change if I had the internet to look at it with. My gut tells me that I need to head in but I do not listen so why would I listen to a phone.

I have had a cell phone for 25 years and last year I learned how to go on the internet. I had wifi turned off because I thought it would eat up my minutes. My granddaughter explained it to me. She said to leave wifi turned on and while I was at home I could use my phone like a mini-computer. Data is what I leave turned off unless I am away from the house and needed the internet, I can turn it on and look something up.

I have the feeling that I am being laughed at but it is ok, laugh away and I will laugh with you.


Definitely a good chuckle... but not quite a laugh. When my screens crack I cover them with packing tape or an adhesive backed screen protector so that if it cracks further I can contain the cracking and keep the phone functional.

Several years I paid 20 dollars for it and it does not have much storage so I want one that I can put the weather app on without deleting pictures. I am hoping that I can find one for around 50 dollars. I will remember your trick with the tape.