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RE: Onyx BOOX Nova Pro 7.8" e-ink solution for writers!

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Sounds complicated to me. A tool I found useful is Scrivener - it is only $ 49 and allows you to lay out your writing, sort it, and do all kinds of fun things - but mostly, it is just for writing - on whatever you have downloaded it onto..
On the other hand, you seem to be having a lot of fun with your tools. 👍


I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE Scrivner, @mariannewest! I use it with my co-writer @ghostfish in collaborative projects, and it syncs between our laptops, phones and iPads. It’s fantastic. What this setup appears to be helpful with, for me at least, is getting out long, stream of consciousness blocks of text and though. My plan is to chop up the things I like and scrap what I don’t. Man, I wish there was an Android version of Scrivner. I’d be using that on this.