Green beans experiment

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Two weeks ago, Jansen (my youngest son) and I were on the topic of plants — the components of plants, how plants make food on own, the growth and the usage. Since, there is a classic experiment to observe the growth of plants and it is a simple one, Jansen was excited to do it. We used green beans as they were available at home. We also call it mung beans.

It was an easy experiment where you place cotton pad on two flat round discs (we used ice cream container covers), add sufficient amount of water on one only and scattered the seeds around. The other round disc would be cotton pad without water.



Those seeds on wet cotton pad actually grew quite fast. Within few days, we saw the root sprouted, like clinging on the cotton. And by 10th day, few of the seeds successfully grew quite tall, towards where the window (sunlight). Some failed to grow due to the condition of the seeds, maybe in the process of packing etc, they had 'died'.


Of course, those seed on dry cotton pad wouldn't grow, because plants need water to grow.

Simple experiment but the boy love it. Big brother joined in the fun as he did it before at school too. Often, doing experiments like this help the children to remember more than just by reading the knowledge from book. Now, Jansen truly gets it that plants need water, sunlight and air to grow. ❤️

I figure this is suitable for today's freewrite - green beans.






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Its true that these tiny plans will not survive long but its a good experiment with Green beans and may now you can plant in another place having water..