Imperfect Design | A 5-Minute FreeWrite

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I’m sure you’ll enjoy the demonstration. It will last just a few thousand years,”


Imperfect Design

After eons of learning, planning and adjustments the Master Engineer was ready to present the device to the council. It was not clear why a perfect species would venture into creating a perfectly imperfect design. Many had tried, but it was like having a virtuoso play an instrument badly on purpose; an opera singer can’t utter a bad note no matter how hard they try.

You can’t unlearn a gift, and this species was gifted. They were so gifted, they were finally able to create the unthinkable. Why would the designers of the I-Phone go back to create a brittle copy of the Tango-300? you may ask. Becasue they can, I guess.

The council examined the device carefully and followed the description of every feature.

“Can it last forever?” One member asked.

The Master Engineer cleared his throat. “If well-taken care of, it can last a hundred years.”

“How primitive!” another council member exclaimed.

“Can it develop the 120 virtues?” a third member of the council asked.

“Yes, it can,” answer the Master Engineer proudly.

“Is the development of the virtues conditioned to external factors?” a fourth member asked.

“Yes,” answered the Master Engineer.

“Can it be corrupted?” the fourth member hurried to ask.

“Yes, it can, but I’ve included self-correction features in the design.”

“How many seconds does it take for that correction mechanism to activate?”

“It varies. Anything from a few seconds to a lifetime. It may not work at all under certain circumstances,” the Master Engineer added.

“Unbelievably chaotic,” said the council member.

“What are the probabilities of faulty decision-making and problem-solving in every task?” the first member asked.

“Over 50%” said the Master Engineer.

“You really worked hard on this model, didn’t you?” commented the second member.

“I did,” said the Master Engineer. I included a feature in the designed that will allow the device to recognize right from wrong, but it will always be inclined to do wrong. It will take an outrageous amount of data processing to avoid self-destruction and the destruction of other devices.”

“Congratulations, then. You have exceeded all our expectations. What an oddity you have created this time,” the council unanimously applauded.

“Thanks. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the demonstration. It will last just a few thousand years,” the Mater Engineer said and activated the device.


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This was my entry to @mariannewest and @latino.romano’s 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday Prompt: DESIGN FEATURE. You can see the details here.

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Maybe it needs more than thousand years, nice writing idea thanks 👍

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Yes, the device has actually lasted more than expected, considering it's flaws