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RE: Where Did She Go? a Freewrite and a Pop-Up Contest

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Nice one @owasco

Reminds me of the time I opened the door while blowing out a giant cloud of pot smoke right in an officers face.. I thought it was my neighbor who liked to smoke with me.

He laughed his ass off while I stood there choking and coughing and giving him the universal (just a second) hand signal and told me he was there for loud music while looking at a half ounce on the table.

I told him I would turn the music down. He kindly left and never took my weed. This was years ago. Any other cop in that town would have ticketed me or arrested me and he reiterated this in telling me to consider my music volumes while having weed smoking parties lol.

I always love your freewrites my friend, many of them remind me of the old world. Have a good day!


Thank you!

I recently had a sheriff show up at my door (before our liberation in NYS) within a few minutes of my having smoked out there. When I stepped in front of the paraphernalia, he said "I'm getting high just standing here." I giggled, like the very high little old lady I was.