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Rosewood was doing research on the behaviour and food habits of the migratory birds coming to his country, he used to watch these birds for hours and hours with his binoculars sitting in a forest, a deserted place, a pond or lake, away from the city and He used to observe them. Rosewood was so interested in these birds that he was almost cut off from the rest of the world. His world was limited only to the observation of these birds. One day he had been watching these birds since noon and did not know when he had fallen asleep, by the time he woke up it was dark, and the sky was apparent and bright that day.

The moon and many stars were visible in the full sky, Rosewood's heart was happy to see this, he looked again at that scene with binoculars, then he saw that a star appeared very close to him, its brightness also and Very different from the stars. He kept looking at that star in awe and saw that the star's size was increasing. Now his astonishment was also increasing because he knew that the distance of a fixed star never decreases, nor does its size increase.

He kept the binoculars with his eyes in amazement, now that beam of light had changed into a very big size, and it seemed to him that it was not a star but an aircraft, because nothing else was needed. He had not imagined. But within a few minutes, he also got away that it was an aeroplane because that object turned into a very big size in a few minutes and rosewood was dazzled by its intense glare, then that object fell somewhere, Due to the binoculars, he realized that the object had fallen somewhere nearby. So out of curiosity, he ran in that direction in search of that object.

At a distance of about a kilometre, he saw a stone of 4-5 feet diameter lying in a pit at one place, from which sparks were still coming out.

Rosewood was horrified and decided to examine the object in daylight the next day.

The next day he informed some officials of the local administration about this object and reached that place again with them, the officials of the local administration after seeing that object decided that it must be a meteor, so they did other investigations of this stone. So he picked him up from there and took him with him and handed him over to astronomical science scientists.