Security: My Take On New Google's Gmail Policy

in Freewriters8 months ago

Yesterday I got an email from Google about the new policy for signing into Gmail using 2FA(Two-factor Authentication).

For security sake, I feel it's a welcome development but the major reservation I will have is if it will be solely for Google Authenticator app and will not support other 2FA apps.

I currently use Authy and I love the fact that even if I change my device, I can always login to other devices and access all accounts linked to it unlike Google Authenticator app.


What's your opinion about the latest development? Do you think it will secure your account more?


i've not seen this notice and will prefer to turn that crap off. I hate 2FA

Lol. I can really relate with your displeasure.

We're just a few days to the date, let's see what will happen.

Thanks for coming around