NASA Perseverance Rover formulates Oxygen using Mars' atmosphere

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While most probably are looking at their Trading Chart tracking the performance of their portfolio, I'm just chillin' around with pizza on hand and some Coke watching NASA channel on

The feature is about Perseverance, the latest NASA rover which is currently in Mars, and Ingenuity, a small helicopter which is collecting flight data.

This small detail of the video almost escaped my attention had not for my sister who pointed this out for me. Perseverance has built-in laboratory for various scientific experiments.

One of the experiments is about using existing Mar's resources in the atmosphere to formulate oxygen which it succeeded in doing so although just in small amounts! Imagine swarms of Perseverance doing that, we could actually terraform Mars to be habitable for human race.

Why aim for the Moon when we can actually aim for Mars! That's one for a record in history books.

You can watch NASA channel using this link: Theta

Watching NASA Channel not only feeds your mind but it also gives you TFUEL (a form of crypto in Theta Network).


It's amazing what these guys could achieve with Perseverance and Ingenuity, with a mix of impressive autonomy and high-latency remote control across planets!
Didn't know about, thanks for the pointer!

You didn't see the part where, in a public press briefing, Elon Musk was also there as Chief Engineer of SpaceX. While everyone was wearing a legit face mask, Elon, in his usual odd and badass, self, was wearing a bandana to cover his mouth and noise. That was hilariously epic haha.elon.jpg

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Mars is not a place you can go to.

Not yet but future humans maybe able to. Cheers!