Caution and Fear

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There is a big difference between caution and fear.

Yes advancements and growth is inevitable but that does not mean we should not be cautious as opposed to jumping off the cliff because there is water below. Even sky divers and other extreme activities take time to check and double check their equipment. If you want to do any of these activities you will have to sign a waiver because you might be injured or die …

To put into perspective of how potentially dangerous this is is the emergence of sentient AI intentional or not. There are 2 things that makes humans superior to all other life on this planet.

Thinking, which comprises of complex issues like planning for the future and speed at which we do it.

Manipulation, having opposable thumbs to accomplish complex tasks.

Combine these two and the world bends to our will.

In these two categories machines combined with AI will surpass humans the way we crush the apes. Just look at the movies where the apes got as smart as humans. Their intelligence combined with physical superiority crushed humans. (I know some fool will bring up nukes and viruses but that does not invalidate my point).

Thinking, while on some level computers are not as fast as the human brain, how many of us can calculate complex numbers??? I compare this with a professional hacker against a sentient AI attacking each other and the hacker will always lose in the internet / virtual realm.

Manipulation, look at automation factories. There is no scenario where a human physical body will ever surpass machines. Yeah that is a serious loss.

So yeah combine these two and humans are obsolete to almost practically useless. Then combine that with being able to mass produce them at consistence specs almost daily while it takes roughly 21 years to grow a human.

A visual demonstration of this is in several TV Shows, the Matrix, Picard, and Orville. In all these scenarios two things matter in war, numbers and technology. Realistically no matter how you cut it humans will always loose.

Our only saving grace is that we have some time before the technology reaches this point.