What do we expect from life?

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In life you neither win nor lose.

From life we can expect to gain experience based on a learning process of constant living, it would not be advisable to feel that we win or lose, in life we simply gain experiences that help us understand the hidden reality of failures and victories, and with that we can move forward without going through disappointments.

In life you neither fail nor succeed.

If we take into account that the only thing we want from life is to be victorious in every step taken, then when failures come we will go through very deep disappointments, we cannot expect that life is designed to fail constantly, if we expect life to hit us constantly and lead us to constant failure, then it would be impossible to work towards an understanding of what it means to be able to live fully.

What we can expect from life are good moments that are not triumphs, and we can also expect to live through messy moments, which although they are not failures, they are moments to gain experiences and learn from it. The conclusion is that if we do not succeed and we do not fail, it is because we simply live life making the best out of every aspect lived.

In life you grow and explore new paths.

We are not only growing in size, we are growing because we learn, we learn to live according to what life offers us, we adapt to the diverse environments of life, and if we have to explore new horizons we will do it because it is our human nature that pushes us to explore and learn.

Not only we should expect something from life, since life also expects us to act with determination, life also expects us to develop ourselves before everything it offers us, therefore we should expect from life everything it demands from us.

The day we understand that the only thing we will take with us is what we live, then we will learn to live life calmly, understanding all the processes, with good moments and ups and downs along the way, making the best of the benefits and learning from bad experiences, what remains is to live in a life that demands us to live it to the fullest.