Covid Vaccination :A Great Global Relief!

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Hi, guys. Its interesting to see that all the government all across the world are trying their best to vaccinate as many people as they can to save lives of the people. Its indeed a great news for all of us, the cosmopolitan minded people who want this planet be free from covid attacks and loss of lives be minimized to a great extent. Fighting against this virus needs a proper maintainance of health rules and regulations set by the administration and the governments officials.



Since the day,when this virus lashed onto the lungs of attacked people, spread all over the world within a few months has took us in a very narrow discomfort zone that lasted for a long period of time.But,we were extremely lucky to invent the life saving medicine and drugs, with rapid vaccine program successful launching of this very quickly.The leading vaccine company like Moderna, Pfizer &Astrazeneca, Sputnik -V vaccines that rapidly produced millions of doses to try to curb the quick spread of the virus. They have been quite successful in immunizing people to the fullest degree,I really appreciate their effort.

It has been the UN and UNICEF's programme and covax vaccine maintenance that enabled to reach out vaccine to the farthest corner of the world, where there is not enough facilities for people to buy vaccine with their own dollars,let alone vaccine there are also people who at times struggle to make both ends meet and live hand to mouth,they are of course living in inhuman conditions, but its pretty praiseworthy, I want to thank the United Nations and USA for extending their hands to the poor and, I support the way USA is handling the epidemic, their vaccine diplomacy,trying to lift up sanctions and trying to build up constructive relationship, as it is a plus point for America to engage and promote the trade and commerces and thus making good work, indeed.



But, I think, Covid is something I suppose an issue which deserves a better treatment irrespective of the former relation as foes and allies and let all of us fight for the same cause.It will not just help us to fight together again it will bind us together in fellow feelings and establish a great coalition, that will create a longer lasting peace in the world, thats what we want in life.

Thanks everybody, have a nice day.


In fact this is a good post from you becausewhenever our government do something great we need to appreciate them.

So writing a post to thank your nation for what they did concerning could be 19 not to be spread or people get hurt with covids pandemic.

Because it's not easy to get a medication for a whole nation so that they will be free from one disease or the other and for them to have a relief and leave very well without having covid-19 pandemic.

I really compensate United nation for what they did for their people that shows that they really care about the health of their citizen and love their citizen.

Because they know that covid-19 pandemic thing which someone can joke with it, so that it won't wipe all the nations away.

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